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More info -  NHS Paramedics e-mail mailboxes

You can check your e-mail from any web browser using webmail or use your favourite e-mail program. E-mail attachments can be a maximum of 20MB total size. Your user name should only include letters, numbers, dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ ). You can have dots ( . ) in your address, as long as they are not the first or the last character, and you do not have two or more dots in a row.

Your password will be sent to you once your account is set up. You should change it when you log in for the first time. Passwords should be a minimum of four characters long, and should not be the same as your account user name.

As you transition through your career we will change your e-mail account for you - FREE of charge. Why not start with and when you become a paramedic we will change your e-mail account appropriately, maybe that's to NHS Paramedics, Army Paramedics, Navy Paramedics, or Air Force Paramedics. We even have Aussie Paramedics and and if you feel old, an Old Paramedics e-mail address.

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